28 years of experience
dedicated to the professionals of
the Defence and Nuclear sectors

Since 1990, EXAVISION accompanies its customers in the exploration and the expertise of video solutions in extreme situations as well as in the protection of goods and individuals in sensitive areas and harsh environments.

The ultimate in Vision :

From the deepest oceans to the far reaches of the atmosphere, we design and manufacture optronic systems resistant to high pressure (100 bars), extreme temperatures (-30°C / +400°C), shocks, vibrations, as well as nuclear radiations of acid steams, etc...To take up these challenges our skilled teams of engineers and well-staffed technicians have developed a technological know-how in optronics and mecatronics, but also in digital processing and software developments to make our products fully operational and user friendly.

Last news

MSPO 2016

EXAVISION participated at the MSPO 2016 Exhibition in KIELCE POLAND from 6 to 9 September 2016

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EXAVISION : Fight against "Spy Drones"

EXAVISION is involved in the ANGELAS program selected by the French National Research Agency (ANR) to fight against the outlawed use of drones for intelligence auto sensitive sites. The consortium led by the ONERA will develop a global solution to detect, identify and neutralize these drones.

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